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When you think of Beautiful Brides, you think of Beautiful Diamonds. Diamonds and Brides literally go "hand in hand." But be careful, don't pay premium prices for inferior diamonds!


What are the ultimate accessories for any outfit? Diamonds! (Of Course!) Diamond Earrings, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Pendants... they're all essential additions to your wardrobe.


Is the "Ring of your Dreams" out of your Budget? We'll design your "Dream Ring" and fit it into your price range. We will use Computer Aided Design to Turn Your Dream Into Your Reality!

Got Unwanted Gold &Jewelry?

Bring it in for: Trade, Re-Styling or Cash.

Your Unwanted Gold, Platinum & Diamonds will get you top value at Raphael's.

Raphael Arzate: Visalia's Favorite Jeweler/Artist

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What Others Say About Raphael


I have used Raphael several times for unique jewelry and more. His pricing and attention to detail are second to none.

When I say his pricing is second to none does not mean cheap but a good fair value for what you get in the finished product and service. 

I have had custom items done from him under various budgets and he exceeded expectations.

C Nelson 

5 Stars on Google Reviews


Raphael did a custom made wedding ring for my wife, Rosemary. I also have purchased earrings, and watches. He is unequaled in cost and service after the sale.

Kip Lewis 

5 Stars on Google Reviews

Raphael is the best. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Honesty and fair prices. He can create just about any piece of jewelry you can imagine.

Brian Stagg 

5 Stars on Google Reviews


I had a friend recommend to Raphael for the best price and the best jewelry in Visalia. No kidding.

I went in and explained Raphael what my wife's dream wedding ring looks like.

He made me an exact identical version of the ring my wife wanted.

Outstanding customer service, best price anywhere, but best of all...breathtaking custom jewelry. He gained a customer for life!!!


5 Stars on Google Reviews

Come Into the Store!

You'll be amazed and stunned by the beauty of the diamond jewelry at Raphael's Fine Jewelry in Downtown Visalia! The only way to appreciate it is to see it with your own eyes! Come on down to beautiful Main Street and see it for yourself!

109 W Main St, Visalia, CA 93291